Love and light


Photos from around the world. New York, Shanghai, Paris, Sydney, Seoul, Milan, Singapore, Los Angeles, Pekking, Dubai, London, Chengdu, San Francisco, Astana, Mumbai, Toronto, Tbilisi, Manila, Delhi, Miami,…


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  • Studio Photography
  • Location Photography
  • Advertising Photography
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Location Photography

Capturing the beauty of light, the beauty of glass and installation design. Interaction with people, architecture and the surrounding world – this can be felt from the presentation of each installation.

New York, USA

Seoul, South Korea


Advertising visuals

Studio photography

Glass light objects are, from the point of view of photography, one of the most difficult products to capture. Structure, technology, gloss, color, shape...

Product photo
Struktura, technologie, lesk, barva, tvar…



Photographing such exceptional products requires a completely exceptional approach, procedures and technique. Working in various corners of the world, in palaces, skyscrapers, airports, on construction sites, islands, ships, in the largest metropolises and more secluded places in the world - creative solutions to extreme obstacles is an essential skill of our team.

Hudson Yards, New York, USA

Lotte Tower, Seoul, South Korea

Morpheus Hotel, Macao

Intercontinental, Tianjin, China

Sofitel Santosa, Singapore

Four Seasons, Seoul, South Korea

432 park ave, New York, USA

Crystal Dragons, Saipan, USA

Mandarin Oriental, Taipei, Taiwan

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China